59th International Theatre Festival MESS starts tomorrow

“Without MESS, this city would appear differently, in the sense of its identity. This is a festival which has always stood as a test in democracy, which taught us about more humane relationships and regardless of our love for it or not, this is a festival that placed art as a subject”, noted by artistic director of the International Theatre Festival MESS, Dino Mustafić, when announcing tomorrow’s opening of the 59th MESS. The festival will be open on Saturday, September 28th in the National Theatre Sarajevo at 8 PM with the performance “The Imitation of Life”, directed by a Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczo, and in the seven festival days that follow, the audience will have the chance to see a total of 21 performances from 12 countries and the participation of around 400 artists. A direct TV broadcast of the opening ceremony can be watched on BHT1 from 07:45 PM.

“The overall significance of theatre in the last 60 years falls among very important elements of the cultural-historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By saving institutions of culture, we as a society, will be able to also keep young people who are leaving this country every day”, noted by director of International Theatre Festival MESS, Nihad Kreševljaković, while thanking the Tourism Association of Canton Sarajevo which recognized the importance of the Festival.

While emphasizing how culture and tourism are a natural mix, director of the Tourist Association of Canton Sarajevo, Nermin Muzur, noted that Sarajevo is a festival city which provides its guests with a multitude of possibilities. “The Tourist Association of Canton Sarajevo tries to recognize all quality projects that we have in our city. We are trying to help everyone, and by doing so, to show the world that we have a lot of good and positive things to show. Therefore, it is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful story”, said Muzur with a reminder that today marks World Tourism Day, wishing all the guests a pleasant stay in Sarajevo.

While speaking about programme details of the Festival, Dino Mustafić highlighted the central theme “fluid life” which represents our everyday lives full of uncertainties, a pace and a rhythm of life that has largely degraded certain social values. “This years’ festival deals with that through the course of all its performances. The repertoire is very heterogeneous and the performances fall into a wide registry of stage expression”, said Mustafić while adding how MESS will be a space for young and ambitious artists to present themselves, with a special accent on regional selections which are especially intriguing and provocative this year around.

More information about the programme, reservations and ticket purchase available on www.mess.ba.

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