Book promotions on theatre and memory of great culture workers and friends of MESS Festival


As part of the 59th International Theatre Festival MESS, organized again this year will be programme MESS OFF, a culture programme of the festival happening beside the stage. This year’s MESS OFF offers two book promotions by local authors and theatre artists, director Miloš Lazin, and the collaborative work by editors and authors Senad Halilbašić, Jana Dolecki and Stefan Hulfeld, followed by an In memoriam of Borka Pavićević and Slobodan Milatović, as an opportunity to remember their achievements and artistry, and pay tribute to those who had dedicated their lives to theatre and culture. As a symbol of support and proof of activist aspect of the Festival, again this year, it’s possible to register at the official Box Office from 10 AM until 7 PM for the race Race for the Cure, which starts on September 29th at 11 AM in front of the SCC.

On Sunday, September 29th 2019 at 5 PM, located at Klub 1 the book promotion “Theatre In the Context of Yugoslav Wars” by authors Senad Halilbašić, Jana Dolecki and Stefan Hulfeld will be held. Published as a collection of texts by famous academics and theatre artists who were active during wars in former Yugoslavia, the book deals with questioning ways in which different kinds of theatre and acting reacted to conflicts in the early nineties. The book also deals with the post-conflict period, and questions the consequences of war in contemporary theatre and acting. Talks about the work and subject matter will be organized with the participation of authors Dolecki and Halilbašić, along with Dino Mustafić and the MESS Festival director Nihad Kreševljaković.

On Tuesday, October 1st 2019 at 5 PM, located at Gallery Gabriel, In memoriam in honor of the life and work of dramaturge and cultural activist Borka Pavićević, and director and founder of Montenegro-based FIAT Festival Slobodan Milatović, who greatly contributed to the regional cultural production, will be held. Borka Pavićević was a dear guest of MESS, and she made CZKD a well-known ‘institution of critical thinking and affirmation of the right to rebel against’ in the region, from its inception onward, wherein human rights and justice were equally encouraged, as well as art, culture, truth, variety, and tolerance. Slobo Milatović was the father of the alternative theatrical expression in Montenegro. An extraordinary creative, unique by his scope of work. Beside the experimental festival Fiat, he is also the founder of many other important festivals who nurtured explorative and lab theatre.

On Thursday, October 3rd 2019, at 6 PM, located at SPKD Prosvjeta, a book promotion “Storytellers On Stage” by author Miloš Lazin, will be held. “Storytellers On Stage” is a line of texts whereby director Miloš Lazin presents and analyses the process of adapting and translating narrative literary works into a dramatic form ready for stage, including a subjective view over his experience in theatre. Participating in talks about the book will be director of the National Gallery of BiH and culture worker Strajo Krsmanović, as well as dramaturge, author and editor of numerous books on theatre Sveta Jovanov. Moderating the promotion will be Dejan Garić.

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