Muhamed Tunović



was born in 1976 in Zenica. She enrolled in the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 1995 and graduated in 2000 in the class of professor Gradimir Gojer. Her graduation performance, Hunting Cockroaches by Janusz Glowacki, was included in the 2000 Mess Festival Programme, her mentor being professor Dino Mustafić. During her student years, she directed plays by Miroslav Krleža, Anton Chekhov, Harold Pinter and Janusz Glowacki. She even received awards for directing Old Times (Harold Pinter) and Hunting Cockroaches (Janusz Glowacki) by the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. After graduating, she she went on to work as a director in the Zenica National Theatre, where she directed numerous plays, including three children’s plays. She directed plays outside Zenica Theatre, too, collaborating with The Sarajevo Youth Theatre, Chamber Theatre 55, The National Theatre in Sarajevo, The Sarajevo War Theatre and The National Theatre in Mostar. She has won many important awards, one of them being the 44th MESS award for the best young director, best director award on the Comedy Festival in Mostar, best director on the Theatre Games in Jajce, best director on the Theatre Encounters in Brčko, etc. Her plays were performed all around Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Turkey. In 2008/2009 she was the artistic director of the Zenica National Theatre, where she currently works again as of 2016.

Marcin Oliva Soto



(1983), dramaturg, theater critic, curator of artistic projects. A graduate of theater studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He conducted research on the relationship between the newest theater, experimental theater and activities undertaken by the creators of the historical avant-garde. He published a book ‘From art in action to action in art’, devoted to the theater of Italian futurists and the book ‘New Age of Culture. Culture as a Tool of Activating the Elderly’, dedicated to cultural animation. In 2008, he cofounded the Teatr Nowy in Krakow, a private and independent theater stage that focuses on supporting young artists and also produces shows with a strong social and political component. As part of its activities at the Teatr Nowy, he implements numerous social and educational projects targeted at disfavoured groups as well as international projects. He is the program director at the Teatr Nowy in Krakow. Since 2011 he has been co-creating the International Theater Festival Dialog – Wrocław, one of the most important international theater festivals in Poland. Currently, he is the program manager and the main curator of the festival. For his scientific, curatorial and social activities he received numerous awards and distinctions, including Scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science, Scholarship of the Mayor of Krakow, twice a scholarship from the Government of the Italian Republic. He was a participant in the FiT (festivals in transition) program. He conducts classes for students of the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Jagiellonian University and from 2018 also for students of the Department of Dance Theater in Bytom.


Peter Kováč

(1958), Slovak Republic. Dramaturg, translator, screenwriter. He worked in some Slovak theaters as dramaturg, also as an artistic chief and director of Slovak Chamber Theatre of city St. Martin and a dramaturg in Slovak National Theatre Bratislava. He was also a president of highest Slovak media authority and a general director of cultural section of Ministry of Culture. He translated from Hungarian language many plays and some novels and also wrote some film and TV scenarios

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