Bertolt Brecht


  Directed by: PAOLO MAGELLI Text adaptation and dramaturgy: ŽELJKA UDOVIČIĆ PLEŠTINA Stage design: MIRNA LER Costume design: LEJLA HODŽIĆ Music by: ARTURO ANNECCHINO Stage lighting: MOAMER ŠAKOVIĆ PAOLO MAGELLI

The Caucasian Chalk Circle” is one of the latest, but also one of the most intriguing pieces by Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1956) – a different kind of dramatist, another sort of poet, storyteller, director and theorist who also initiated Epic Theater, this dammned pacifist who revolutionized theater by his critical, and socially engaged body of work. The bravery of expression, the power of experiment and the passion in his actions ensured for him not only the position of the most prominent German dramatist of the twentieth century whose words are equally as strong today when echoing out from stages and when reading out the merciless truth about the world and time, but also an indisputable influence upon contemporary European drama.

The expressionist-style manuscript and the fervor of The Circle, this cruel adult fairytale told through six images, by which we are introducing cultural, intellectual, social, political and all other dimensions of space, the enthusiasm with which Grusha, a young woman, sacrifices everything in order to protect an abandoned child in the vortex of a civil war; meeting thereby an entire gallery of different characters. He allows us the freedom of form, he seeks satire as a tool which greatly corresponds with and is necessary in our times, but also urges for a critique of absolutist government, capitalism and of course – of war – because it cannot and will not provide a solution for any problem, and all that it leaves behind is suffering, victims, immorality, thievery and chaos. The performance showcases injustice and social inequality, providing us a chance to act as arbitrators of law and of our own destiny, and not allowing for those rights to get disrupted by corrupt judges or bureaucrats who are always working for the better of the capital and those at authority. Do we have the strength to divide lies and manipulation from that which are real issues and individual from society? Is anybody keen on living in a perfect social system, as we are witnessing growing social inequity? Because unjust systems always generate a minority for which any wealth is too small, and on the other hand, those who are lacking what is necessary for basic survival – in regard to the three piasters of Grusha intended for milk… Is there strength, and common will to fight for achieving a more noble society, to rise against the terror against people, against human freedom and of course over freedom of spirit out from which, ultimately, art and a free society are created – these are questions that are present inside our Circle…“

Željka Udovičić Pleština

Cast: MAJA IZETBEGOVIĆ, kao Gruša ERMIN BRAVO, kao Pjevač, Azdak EJLA BAVČIĆ TARAKČIJA, kao Natela Abašvili, Snaha Aniko, Stara ERMIN SIJAMIJA, kao Lavrentij, Debeli knez, Odvjetnik ALEKSANDAR SEKSAN, kao Šauva, Kaplar, Redovnik ALDIN OMEROVIĆ, kao Simon VEDRANA BOŽINOVIĆ, kao Svekrva, Seljanka, Debela žena MEDIHA MUSLIOVIĆ, kao Dadilja Maro, Trgovkinja AMRA KAPIDŽIĆ, kao Agronomka, Graditelj, Seljanka VEDRAN ĐEKIĆ, kao Georgij Abašvili, Jusup, Oklopnik MIODRAG MIKI TRIFUNOV, kao Veliki knez, Stari seljak MERIMA LEPIĆ REDŽEPOVIĆ, kao Mlada traktoristica, Trgovkinja DINO SARIJA, kao Odvjetnik, Nećak, Vojnik NERMAN MAHMUTOVIĆ, kao Oklopni konjanik, Vitez pokriven prašinom ISA SEKSAN, kao Mihel AJRA BRANKOVIĆ, HENA OMEROVIĆ, DINO HAMIDOVIĆ kao Djeca KENAN KOJIĆ, muzičar Photography: MILENKO PRODANOVIĆ Produced by: SCENA MESS NARODNO POZORIŠTE SARAJEVO Premiere date: 14. februar 2019. Duration: 120 minuta

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