Children from the Association Life with Down Syndrome participate in the opening
Before tonight’s opening ceremony of the 58th International Theater Festival MESS, today at 11.30 AM in the Youth Theater lobby, all visitors will be welcomed by Living Statues which came about based on the visuals of Mini MESS and the sculptures of the famous Italian sculptor Bernini. Although in a closed space, there will be open hearts for all children and parents from theparticipants of the Children’s Theater of the Institute for Music, Theater and Multimedia together with youngsters from the Association Life with Down Syndrome. «We wish to support them and their parents as well as all children who have development difficulties or a certain kind of disability and to show how important their inclusion into education is and in everyday life. Already a huge step forward is the performance «Pipe» which is also programmed part of this year’s Mini MESS. Come and join us!» inviting all interested is concept author and opening director IrmaAlimanovićAlihodžić. In charge of costumes, make-up, and hair is AleksandraKorizma, and the musical segment is by AlmaFerovićFazlić. The Mini MESS crew thanks parents, children, Association Life with Down Syndrome, Alena Džebo, Maja Krstalović Talović, Youth Theater, Institute for Music, Theater and Multimedia and highlights that: «We are waiting for you in order to make an unforgettable selfie together and show how we are open for everything!» After a short and entertaining performance, the audience will see the play «Dindim», based on the concept and directing by Tamara Kučinović, and performed by a Croatian production Gllugl. This is a story about an unexpected and unusual life-changing friendship that brings about laughter and melts your heart. If you thought it was impossible that man and penguin could be best friends, you were wrong. Just these two somewhat unmatchable creatures will become inseparable by chance. That is proof that friendship knows no boundaries, shapes or forms, and that it breaks down prejudices and builds bridges between all living creatures. The puppet show “Dindim” was created based on a real event from Rio de Janeiro, where an older man becomes family to oneMagellanic penguin, and that incredible story is presented through the magic of puppet theater. More information about tickets and performances on

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