Workshop Facilitator: Till Frühwald



Youth Theater Sarajevo

Austria, Croatia


60 min.



Maximum number of participants:

30 (15 pairs: a parent + a child)

ContaKids is a method that uses physical contact through movement and play to deepen the communication between a child and a parent. Children develop motor skills while parents develop trust in their child, but at the same time learn about their own body and for a moment dedicate time to themselves and to their body. Most importantly, both children and parents are in the process of learning together and equally!
ContaKids consists of a series of simple exercises that encourage coordination and orientation in space, develop trust and awareness of their own, but also other bodies in space, strengthen communion and group connectivity.Exercises are upgraded, and the learned elements combine which allows the development of shorter movement sequences, and thus promotes the development of physical memory and physical intelligence.

Applications for children’s program workshops can be made via email [email protected], with clearly indicated name, surname, age and workshop. The deadline for applying is 1 October.

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