Questioning the world outlook through documentary theater

As part of the 58th International Theater Festival MESS, among performances coming from 17 countries, a special place will be held for plays that deal with history through the documentary narrative and by means of theater, research and question the world outlook in regard to experience and memory – the performances: “Bagdad”, “Immortality”, and “Palmyra”.
«Bagdad» is a piece documentary theatre about boys who chase butterflies and men who murder. Chris Keulemans and Enkidu Khaled, the concept directors of the performance are also actors who share their place of birth, Bagdad. Last year, they both returned for the first time. In this documentary theater performance, they exchange images and experiences: burning cars and gunfire in the chaos of 2005, but also Baghdad in days long gone: a peaceful city with palm trees and parks. Theaterkrant wrote about their play: “An intense performance about the sad history of one big city“, and our festival audience will be able to see it on Tuesday, October 2nd at 6 PM at the Chamber Theater 55.
Iranian production company Experiment Theater Group will arrive at the festival with a performance «Immortality» directed by Nima Dehghan (scheduled on Thursday, October 4th at 10 PM at Youth Theater Sarajevo). This is a story about a man who is tired of his ordinary life style and his homeland full of war. He dreams of journey. And he emigrates in his dreamland. But, he faces some obstacles in this way.
The ancient city of Palmyra was one of the best preserved in the world, up until 2015 when ISIS gained control of the city, destroyed its temples, looted its graves and used its amphitheater to stage executions. Palmyra is a performance that explores revenge, the politics of destruction and what we consider to be barbaric. A performance which invites people to step back from the news, and which looks at what lies beneath, and beyond civilization. “The duo who created Eurohouse shift from comic to tragic in a brilliant piece that reflects on Syria and the breakdown of relationships“, written by Lyn Gardner for The Guardian about the performance which is scheduled as part of the 58th MESS Festival programme on Wednesday, October 3rd at 22 PM at SARTR, with a second performance scheduled on October 4th at 6 PM. The authors and main actors of the play are Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas.
More info about the programme, as well as ticket sales is available at www.mess.ba.

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